Interview Tips & Tricks

Are you disturbed with the fact that despite an excellent resume you still haven’t got a good job? Well,
chances are that it has something to do with you and not the resume. After all, resume can fetch you the
job offers but it is your performance during the interview that determines whether or not you would be
selected. Apart from having a good resume, it is also important to be well prepared for the interview. You
might be confident enough to face an interview without any fear, but usually it is the series of certain
tricky questions that becomes a hindrance. Continue reading the below-mentioned tips and tricks to get
your dream job

Be Reasonable

When asked, “Why are you leaving your last job?” many tend to blame their previous employer or the
company’s management. Such response is surely going to do harm rather than good. Employers would
never want to hire somebody who blames others. It is sensible to positively answer such questions. “I find
it motivating to accept new challenges” is rather effective and impressive response than blaming others.

Market Yourself

Facts that speak about your achievements and responsibilities must be prioritized. Only after mentioning
the important facts in the beginning, move on to lesser important accomplishments. Also, it would be
prudent if you highlight them too.

Keep Calm And Be Positive

The intensity of tough questions can make you nervous but it must not be visible to the employer. Be
composed and stay positive by taking the interview as an engaging conversation between a curious
interviewer and a capable candidate.

Be Prepared

In addition to being confident, it is important to be credible and positive while replying to the questions of the interviewer. Rehearse how you would be responding. Be well prepared for questions such as “Tell me about yourself,” “How do you start your day”, etc. Jot down key answers that would present you in the best way. The questions may be:


What have been you job responsibilities in your previous jobs?


Why do you want to work with us?


Why should we appoint you?


What have been you job responsibilities in your previous jobs?


Do you think your qualities perfectly this profile?


How do you see your career after five years?