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How do I register my resume?

For register your resume you must need to become a member of as a job seeker with the help of registration form which is available on website. On Main page top right area there are two links First is Login and another is Register if you are already a registered member as a Job seeker then you just need to Click the login button on th... read the rest »

How do I edit my resume?

After login In to ,You can simply go to the My Resume section in order to modify the basic as well as specific details, and update your resume. Your resume may in the form of an attachment or copy-pasted data. From the same section you can also upload the resume in doc. Format as well read the rest »

How do I login after I register?

Once you fill and submit the registration form from the link, you will get an verification mail on hat particular mail id with which you are registering,After that you are provided with an account that has a unique username and password with which you can Login into your account. For the pu... read the rest »

Can I post more than one resume?

No, only one resume can be posted from an account at However, you can create more than one account but E-mail ids should be unique and thereby, post multiple resumes through them, with the option of editing your profile as well as your resume being available for each of those accounts read the rest »

What happens after I register and complete my profile online?

Once you have a profile, you are provided with regular notifications regarding jobs  from and you can also search and apply for the jobs and save those actions. read the rest »

Do I need to have a resume on Careersbay to apply for job?

No, you just need to register with But, we would surely recommend you to update your profile and resume, in order to apply for any job that matches your profile. This is important as your resume is a quick advertisement of who you are. read the rest »

How do I search for a job?

You can simply visit the Job Search section and put in preferences for locations and industrial sectors in which you are searching for job and specific search results would comes up and from where you can apply for the same and with the same you can also save that job in to your account .   read the rest »

How do I apply for a job?

The jobseekers can simply register with so as to apply for a desired job.And that job which you have applied for you can check those jobs in to your Account in to My Applications Section. read the rest »

How do I find a job using the Careersbay Career Center?

Just go to the Job Search section and provide necessary inputs like your Experience, preferred locations and industrial sectors in order to access specific search results. And after that you can find all the listing of the jobs .   read the rest »

I tried searching for a job but my search returned no result – Why?

If you do not see any results to your queries, you can try putting in specific experience as well as location-related details to view relevant job openings. However, in cases where the employers have not come up with any inputs, the search results may yield nothing. So for Better results you can change the desired inputs and change with new.. read the rest »

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